You stumbled upon an awesome product while browsing an online store or maybe on your Facebook feed, but wait, you have a feeling the price is pretty high...

Yes, you know you can't get at wholesale/dealers price, yet you are sure somewhere there is a lower price then what you've just seen.

If up until now you had to invest your time and energy to search far beyond the sponsored ads at the top of the search results page, deeper into the web hoping to find the same product at a lower price, now you have a new address!

Welcome to My Deal Searcher - a new and easy service where you tell us the item you are looking for, and we will try and find it at a lower price.

How it works?


  1. Fill the form below with all the details about the product you want us to search for.

  2. We will process your form, review it, and forward it to our talented search team who loves these kinds of challenges!

  3. If we find the item at a lower price - we will contact you to complete the transaction via a secure PayPal link.
    If we didn't find it - we will thank you for the challenge, go to the corner of the room and sit in the dark... [Well maybe not... but we will still thank you for the challenge :]


I fell in love with a portable smoothie I saw at an online store but the price was just not right for me - I failed finding a normal price but I did find 'my deal searcher' website; I filled the form and a few days later got a much more reasonable price, thank you so much!

Ray Conly

Had an item for my Honda Civic I've been trying to find that will also won't empty my bank account, thought I'd give it a try... It took a while, but the good news came, Tom updated me about the price they found and I immediately gave the OK to go on and complete the transaction, My Deal Searcher you rock!!

Donald Polson

I was scrolling through my Facebook wall when I saw a funny cute toy for my son, seconds away of buying it I remembered this site and thought lets check what they can do... It was totally worth it, got the same toy at a lower price..

Meredith Stamos

I bookmarked this site a while ago "just in case" how happy was I for doing it when I got last week my Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - I was going to buy it anyway, now I also bought at a slightly lower price, thanks a lot.

Louis Mac Miller

Not only the guy at My Deal Searcher found what I wanted at a lower price, they also found it with some extra accessories that weren't in the original sale I found... super cool!

T.J Gover

This is the 3rd time I give my deal searcher a "challenge" as they say - so far so good, they nailed it and I'm saving money :)

Julia Rainesh

So I saw a nice item in a store, then I discovered they don't ship to the UK... needless to say - mark found the item with shipping to the UK and made me very happy!

Timothy Dabson

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